Surprises often come
when you least expect them

Predict the unexpected on your B2B Customers
payment delays, weak signals and riskprofiles.

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  • Instantly see all your B2B Customers riskprofiles.
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We've got your back

Predict your B2B Customers payment delays, weak signals and riskprofiles.


1. Get started quickly

Get started in 30 minutes. Instantly see real-time risk profiles of all your Customers.


2. Predict the unexpected

Get an access to the real-time database of company riskprofiles, payment time predictions, lifetime values and weak signals.

3. Save time

Recommendations help you to react on time and not to leave money on the table.

Don't be the last to know

Get started in less than 30 minutes and instantly start to know the unexpected.


Customer Riskprofile

Any unexpected change in your Customer’s situation has an impact on your Cash. We’ve got your back: Our most important task is to predict the probability and payment time of your customers.


The real-time company database and search functions ensure that all customer information is your readily available.Strict payment behavior information gives you a solid backbone in decision-making on pricing and payment time.

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Predict payment time

The deal is closed when the money is on your bank account. Customers pay differently. We predict the payment time for each of your sales invoices and estimate the date when the money is on your bank account.

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Signals and reminders

Signals and reminders ensure that you can’t miss the due date and you’re the first to know the changes on your Customer’s payment behavior, either the change is positive or negative.


Invoice riskprofile

Any unexpected change in Customer's situation has a direct impact on your open sales invoice. We take care of this: all of your sales invoices are updated based on Customer riskprofiles.



With real-time KPIs, you will easily stay on top of your Cash. Just to make sure, that DSO (Days of sales invoices outstanding) should be shorter than DPO (Days of purchase invoices outstanding). The lifetime value is your Customer cash flow and the number of deals.


You are important

You are very important to us and we take care of you. Customer service will answer your inquiries on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm +358 50 367 0261.



Our interfaces ensures compatibility with invoicing software. API enables easy and fast to deploy the service. We continuously ensure and take care of the functionality of integration. Our API will also enable data transfer, if necessary, to your own software.



We are committed to be a trusted and responsible partner. Your data is safe. We will only store data within the EU / European Economic area and so, that we can create the best services and use our contractual obligations towards you.

Choose your stage and start for free

Get started in less than 30 minutes. No credit card or code required. No set up fees.
Instantly see real-time risk profiles of all your Customers.


  • 2 Users
  • Annual sales < 1 000 000 €
  • Predict payments delays. Save thousands.
  • 19€ /kk
  • Try 14 days for free
  • We recommend:
    Riskprofiles and reminders ensure that you are always updated.


  • 3 Users
  • Annual sales < 5 000 000 €
  • Know your Customers and have an insight on payment times.
  • 89€ /kk
  • Try 14 days for free
  • We recommend:
    The real-time database and search functions got your back on sales and price negotiations.


  • 5 Users
  • Annual sales < 10 000 000 €
  • Lead credit risk to the next level
  • 129€ /kk
  • Try 14 days for free
  • We recommend:
    The real-time database and credit risk analysis lead your credit risk culture to the next level.


  • 5 Users
  • Annual sales > 10 000 000 €
  • Professional credit risk control
  • 365€ /kk
  • Try 14 days for free
  • We recommend:
    Real-time B2B credit risk analytics give clear added value to demanding professionals.

Growth starts with confidence

Based on this service, I can predict the Customer specific payment time, and to decide whom to give payment times.
Based on that, we accelerated payment times by several days last year and grew by 40 % without external funding.

Jussi Masalin, yrittäjäeVarasto - Rakennusteollisuus


For a small & medium-sized business, who gives payment time to it’s B2B Customers, it is essential to know when the new or existing Customer pays the invoice and the money is in the bank account.

Our new service is revolutionising the way we think about credit risk in small & medium size business. For us, credit risk means primarily the company’s ability to pay invoice within the agreed payment time, i.e the probability for a small & medium size business getting cash from B2B Customer in the agreed payment time. Our database of company risk profiles is based on real-time payment behaviour, added by third-party data sources and boosted by machine learning.

Small and medium-sized businesses’ are the risk takers of our society. During the past 18 years, these entrepreneurs have been in response to the creation of new jobs in Finland and other European countries. Yet, up to 50% of B2B sales invoices for small and medium-sized businesses are paid late, resulting in a daily financial cost of € 158 million for entrepreneurs in Europe. The problem is real.

We are Finnish entrepreneurs with a passion on our Customers’ problem solving. We are a way of thinking, a community and a platform that got small & medium size businesses back by revolutionising the payment delays.

We welcome You to join us.

Andrei Gorbulin
Jussi Pyörre
Entrepreneur, Advisor



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